Target operates over 1800 retail locations nationwide and is expanding its grocery offerings to customers. HFCs are integrated into Target’s corporate sustainability and greenhouse gas reduction strategy, including goals to increase energy efficiency of refrigeration systems. The company has committed to reducing HFC use and emissions by reducing leaks and adopting low-GWP refrigerants in food distribution centers, stand-alone refrigerated display cases, and large refrigeration systems.


Specific actions taken by target on hfcs:

  • Stand-alone refrigerated display cases using hydrocarbons have been installed in more than 1,000 Target stores, making up more than 24% of Target’s self-contained inventory

  • All new refrigerated display cases less than 2,200 BTU/hour use hydrocarbon refrigerants, a policy that was integrated into the company’s energy consumption reduction strategy since the hydrocarbon display cases consume up to 50% less energy.

  • Low-GWP transcritical CO2 systems have been piloted in 2 stores in Marin City, CA and Minneapolis, MN

  • CO2 cascade systems, which significantly reduce the amount of HFCs used, are Target’s primary new market solution for large format stores

  • All five food distribution centers use low-GWP ammonia for cold storage

  • The company is an active participant in EPA’s Greenchill Partnership with 5 certified stores and achieved a 12.4% corporate emissions rate for refrigeration systems containing more than 50lbs

  • The company has converted over 100 stores to use lower GWP HFO blends and at least 56,000 pounds of ODS R22 refrigerant have been removed and replaced with lower GWP alternatives