Sprouts Farmers Market

Sprouts Farmers Market operates over 300 stores across 19 states and plans to expand to open 13 new stores by the end of the 2019. Sprouts stands out as a leader for its high level of participation in the EPA GreenChill Partnership store certification program and its innovative adoption of energy efficiency enhancing technologies paired with low-GWP transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems.

"At Sprouts, we are committed to lowering HFC emissions from cooling by reducing leaks and piloting sustainable refrigeration technologies in stores. We continue to follow through on this commitment through our participation and certification of stores in EPA's GreenChill Partnership."

-Frank Davis, Director of Facilities and Engineering at Sprouts Farmers Market
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Specific actions taken by Sprouts:

  • Sprouts Woodstock is the first grocery store in North America to utilize CO2 ejection refrigeration technology, the most environmentally-friendly and energy efficient refrigeration system available. The cutting-edge technology uses naturally occurring CO2, completely eliminating HFCs, with an average of up to 10% energy savings each year

  • A committed participant in the EPA’s GreenChill Program, Sprouts has more than 80 GreenChill certified stores equivalent to nearly 30% of its stores, by far the highest participation rate of any U.S. retailer

  • Has installed LED lighting on all refrigerators and display cases increasing energy efficiency by up to 50%